I'm Julie Mapes, a comic creator and textile designer. 
I studied textile design at DJCAD, graduating in 2017. In that time, I won an RSA Eddie Squires award for innovative, sustainable textiles as well as winning a competition hosted by Brora, my entry for which was named by The Telegraph as one of the "22 Snazzy Jumpers of 2016."
I cycled around the Baltic Sea in 2018, filling sketchbooks as I went. This experience awakened something in me that I wanted to keep alive even after I returned home, and so I began my several-year-long Daily Drawing project, which I kept up even while working full-time as a knitwear supervisor at Eribe Knitwear (2019 - present).
After procuring an iPad in 2022, I quickly adapted to the digital workflow, but I still enjoy painting traditionally as well. I consider being able to use both traditional and digital media to be one of my strengths.​​​​​​​
When I'm not busy climbing rocks and travelling the world, I'm working om comics and attending as many conventions as I can!